Spring in February

Well, what an interesting winter we had – not very winter weathery at all. And now we are almost into March and already had 2 weeks of spring-like weather. Some would say we are “getting lucky” with our lack of a winter. But it does have to make you wonder…

As a farmer and being outside each day you live through the changing of the seasons and experience them for all they are worth – year after year. What a life. This may be one of the best times of year on the farm – days are getting longer, temperatures becoming more mild, the air is getting “springy”. You’re able to get outside again and tend to your land, your farm. Everywhere you look, life is thriving – everything and everyone feels spring. The goats are bounding in the hay pile, the cows are standing in the sun chewing their cud, the birds are chirping through the air, the fields of barley are greening up – you can’t help but smile.

Our last project we did was putting up a fence along one of the roads at the back of our property – The Coquihalla Highway. This road is part of Albert’s grand project – we like to call it playtime in the sandbox. But anyways, with the completion of this road we are now closer to expanding our hayride tour area in the back of our property.

What’s our next project gonna be? We aren’t quite sure yet – there are a few things on the list. Build a new cedar split rail fence. Tap into a natural spring in the bush. Random construction projects. Travel the Oregon Coast. Landscaping around the farmyard. Build a new road on the back 40. Get the greenhouse going.

We love spring!