Aldor Acres


On Sunday, April 21st we are opening our farm doors for a very special opening!  

Around the world, April is known as Parkinsons Awareness Month. This campaign shines a light on the people both living with & affected by Parkinsons. It shares their stories, their faces, & the drive to rise up against Parkinsons disease. This cause is quite dear to our hearts. And for this reason we are sharing a personal farm story. Dorothy, the “dor” of Aldor, and co-owner of the farm with her husband Albert, has been affected by Parkinsons for the past decade. She is an incredibly amazing woman whose drive, character, & zing for life has always and continues to inspire both our own family and our farm community. If we could sum her up in one word it would be “unshakeable!” This upcoming April farm opening is dedicated to both Dorothy & Parkinsons disease awareness. We hope that by featuring her story and raising awareness that it may inspire, educate, and help people know they are not alone in their Parkinsons journey. This opening is for EVERYONE. No matter if you have a connection to Parkinsons or not. Partial proceeds from this day will be donated to The Parkinsons Society of BC. Tickets are available online or at the door.