Kitties, Kids and Zeus!

January 2014. Time flies eh. Feels like yesterday we were just planting pumpkins and playing in the sun. Hmmm, not quite – I don’t think it has stopped raining even for a second the last 2 days. Oh well, there is still a calm and peaceful air over the farm right now.

If you came at Christmas time you may remember the kittens, cute and cuddly around the fire. Wow, have they ever grown up. Jumping over hay bales, chasing pieces of twine – and each other, and even stalking the odd chicken, these little guys are active as can be. We will keep 1 of them, Jade, a beautiful calico with white back legs that make her look like she’s wearing pants. The other 3 will head off to new homes in the coming weeks.

Wilma, 1 of our sows, had a litter of piglets on Christmas Eve. There are 3 spotted ones and 4 pinkies. And they have grown like weeds! Energetic little rascals that try and make a break for the gate every time you open it.

Anybody mention goats? There were 15 kids born in 10 days! And there are still more to come. If you just sit and watch the goats it can be quite entertaining. The little ones will jump up onto the does backs and play around – bouncing, spinning, kicking. And the craziest part is that the does will just stand there and chew their cud as if nothing is happening. The kids do tire out though, and it is the cutest thing – all 15 will curl up in a pile. Softens even the toughest heart.

Zeus, the steer, is going through his mischievous teenage years right now, trying to pull fast ones on you the second you turn your back. He’s well on his way to surpassing 3000lbs as he is now the tallest cow of the herd, and still under 2 years of age. His excessive size is due to his breed, Chianina, one of the largest breeds in the world. We hope to weigh him within the next month to see where he’s at.

We are currently working on our first newsletter, “Around Aldor” – due out at the end of January (You can sign up for our mailing list at the side of this page). That’s a rainy day job though of course. Non-rainy days are taken advantage of. Bucking logs for firewood, farm clean-up projects, and farm building projects are much more enjoyable in dry weather.


Well folks, thanks for reading and see you in March!