The “Green” Farmer


            Something we hear people talk about a lot on the farm is how green things are. People talk about how green the fields of grass, barley, and corn are, the big green John Deere tractors, and ask about our “green” farming practices.  But if you would ask any of the farmers here at Aldor Acres what comes to mind when they here the word “green,” they would say without a doubt….Farmer Katie (or in other words, myself). Being the newest addition to the farming crew, I am the butt of most of the good humored jokes & carry the title of “Rookie.” Don’t worry…I am keeping track and there will come a time for payback Farmer Albert!


This April has now marked the end of my first year as a farmer at Aldor Acres.  And yes, I admit, I was as “green” as they come when it comes to farming. I knew absolutely nothing about the farming world and had absolutely zero experience. The ideal employee for a farm, eh?! My learning curve was quite steep to say the least! I was ever so fortunate to have the most amazing and patient (most of the time!) teachers in Farmer Albert, Dorothy, & Melissa.  I have lots more to learn still but here are a few things I have learned so far…


– How to drive a tractor (or any standard for that matter!), hook up a trailor, and back it up

– How to drive hayrides of guests out to the pumpkin patch

– How to handle & care for all our livestock & baby animals

– How to use a jigsaw, weedwacker, buzzsaw, and the basic hammer and nail

– How to make diving catches through the manure for goats and sheep on the loose…very entertaining : )

– What GMO’s are & the arguments from both sides of the story

– The importance of supporting your local community and small farmers

– That the animals don’t sleep in or take weekends off from being fed and taken care of! They have a schedule and you better stick to it!


I could go on and on about all of the new things I have learned….the list is endless. But by far the most important thing I have learned is the importance of teamwork, hard work, & dedication. We all work together here on the farm & rely on each other to complete each day’s tasks. I have joined a pretty awesome team & am honored they have allowed me in.

I am proud to say I did not damage, dent, or completely wreck anything too important…just don’t ask in case one of the other farmers remembers something : ) It has been, without a doubt, the most amazing year of my life….can’t wait for many more to come. And to finally shed my title of the “green rookie!”