Covid Protocol



Like most people, we’re experiencing uncertainty and changes in routine during this COVID-19 pandemic. We’re taking the situation seriously and remain concerned for the safety of our family and community as we “journey through” this new normal. As a family, we are always looking for fun, safe, meaningful and affordable activities- and we know that many of you are, too!


We are SO EXCITED to announce that we will be open FOR A DRIVE THRU PUMPKIN  and/or  TROT THRU for our annual ALDOR ACRES U-PICK Harvest Festival. With flexibility and creativity, we will help your family to have “A Continuing Family Tradition!” 


As a community minded, farming family we are respecting and adhering to the authorities and have CONDUCTED A WORK PLACE RISK ASSESSMENT  and ADJUSTED OUR UPICK and FARM STAND ACCORDINGLY. We have also CREATED AN ALDOR ACRES COVID-19 EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE SAFETY PLAN, training each of our valuable employees. In addition, we have created this document to ensure that YOU, our guests, are informed, safe and prepared for your visit to Aldor Acres. 


As much as we would love to host you at our farm, IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL (fever, cough, cold etc.) PLEASE STAY AT HOME! 


We have SEPARATED MOST SCHOOL GROUP RESERVATIONS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC  and our available time slots  reflect that. This will help with traffic flow and monitoring farm capacity. While we have HIRED STAFF with SPECIFIC SKILL SETS to help in this pandemic we have also POSTPONED OUR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM for 2020.


With anticipation of the beauty and bounty of the harvest, we have spread out our growing areas as well as many of our ATTRACTIONS to enhance PHYSICAL DISTANCING.   We will have additional signage for traffic flow, hand sanitizing stations and payment options. We will still accept cash for various items at the farm ( FARMACY, snacks) but Upick Pumpkins and Sunflowers can ONLY BE PAID WITH CC OR DEBIT, via tap, CONTACTLESS PAYMENT.


We have also switched to REQUIRED PRE-PURCHASED TICKETS to monitor farm capacity. For CONTACT TRACING PURPOSES, your email will be held on file for 30 days.  We know you love being in your bubble, so “Bring Your Bubble” and spend time with them, here at ALDOR ACRES.  In addition, you can also PRE PAY and reserve a PRIVATE BUBBLE BOOKING for up to 25 people – a two hour time slot includes a fire pit, privacy, tables and tent, daily from 4-6 pm. Your “bubble” will be make up half of the farm capacity for that time slot.


While it is understood that risk of transmission is lower when outdoors, we have implemented a MANDATORY MASK policy in four areas – bathrooms, the barns, The Pharmacy, & goat pen. Please BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask). Simple medical masks will be available for $1 each if you have forgotten your own mask. Special ALDOR ACRES masks will be made available, if you are so inclined!


All of our FARM WORKERS will be EASILY RECOGNIZABLE with a bright turquoise farm t-shirt and a name tag. In event of those inevitable blustery fall days, we may be wearing our common Aldor Acres green hoodies with the bright orange pumpkin on the front, with a yellow fluorescent vest! Please LOOK FOR US, ASK QUESTIONS and we respectfully ask you to stay in your vehicle, “Be Smart- 6 Feet Apart!” We are ready for you!


We have additional  HAND SANITIZATION stations as well. Hand sanitizer will be at all of the different pumpkin patches on the farm and where there is money transfer.  If you are sensitive to hand sanitizers, please bring your own:).


Aldor Acres will be PROVIDING NEW BAGS FOR FARMACY PURCHASES ONLY. Please BYOB (Bring your Own Bag) for pumpkin purchases. We suggest large canvas recyclable bags with strong handles!


We can not list EVERY POSSIBLE SCENARIO so if you require further information, please contact us at or visit the BC Guidelines for COVID-19.